Marine and Industrial Engineering services, proven across multiple projects

Vessel survey, alterations, refitting, maintenance, and repair

Our expertise is applied to vessels of all descriptions, from inshore fishing to large ocean-going vessels. Main engines, generators and transmission overhauls, thruster propulsion, auxiliary and deck machinery – our staff are experienced in all on-board requirements. Comprehensive time-critical services include project planning, consultation, budget preparation and ongoing project management – providing fast, efficient response combined with strict quality control and the assurance of end-result excellence.


A significant investment in machinery, combined with the skill-sets to operate it, allows us to tackle projects from regular repair to large-scale heavy fabrication. We offer welding capability of up to 32 procedures to ISO, EN and ASMI standards, in full compliance with shipping classification societies. Diverse can weld to any thickness, including but not limited to standard 250 grade steel though to AH36 sub-zero conditions and has approvals for standard full penetration welding through to ceramic backed welding.


Diverse Engineering has arguably the largest machine shop in Nelson, equipped with very significant lathe and milling capability. Besides a large array of smaller equipment, this capability includes a horizontal borer for parts up to 8 tons and a lathe with a maximum swing of 4000mm diameter and shaft lathers up to 8 metres length x 1100mm diameter.

Motor & Mechanical

Diverse routinely inspects, services and repairs everything from small prime mover units to large cross head engines. We have deep experience of the majority of internationally respected power plants. Our expertise also covers re-powers, inspection, fault diagnosis and repair of engines, generators, marine transmissions, pumps, injection equipment and more.

Shipwright services

With a dedicated shipwright team, Diverse manufactures and repairs ship joinery, furniture and fittings. We are skilled in the traditional methods of timber craft, working with hardwoods such as Kauri, Teak or Mahogany, and also fabricate using fibreglass and composite materials. Our capability covers everything from carvel or strip plank hull construction to design and installation of interior fit-outs.

Shut-down maintenance

With the ability to muster a large work force as needed, Diverse is able to efficiently carry out large scale maintenance shut downs, minimising non-productive downtime and offering time-critical restart of vital machinery.


Our non-ferrous foundry specialises in high quality sand castings producing a range of marine and industrial fittings such as propellers, stern bearings, struts, stuffing boxes, vents, cowlings and more. Diverse has the capability to cast up to 1,400 kg in bronze and propellers from 200mm to 1800mm diameter.


Formerly recognised as N&B Propellers, Diverse manufactures two, three, four and five-bladed propellers cast from manganese or nickel-aluminium bronze, including variable control propellers, which expands diameters to 3.6 metres. With its variable length dynamic balancer capability of 1750 diameter and 400 kg weight, Diverse offers propeller balancing, re-pitching and repair services.

Project management

Through a deep expertise gained from its long history of success, Diverse approaches each project with a detailed project management discipline, liaising with ship owners and all stakeholders. This approach also includes working closely with other trades such as painting, electrical, upholstery, insulation or refrigeration services as needed - and incorporating these activities into one streamlined project timeline. Our approach delivers a result that is properly planned, properly resourced and properly managed.