121 Vickerman Street
Port Nelson

The administrative offices for Diverse Engineering Group, shipwrights and foundry (propeller castings) are located at our largest workshop here in Port Nelson , New Zealand.
At this workshop we have a comprehensive range of large engineering facilities to enable us to perform precision work on large ocean-going vessel engines.

We are able to "slip" vessels of considerable size to our secure site. Larger vessels are "slipped" to the Port Nelson slipway, conveniently located nearby.

We are capable of machining a shaft up to 8 metres long!!

From here we are able to dispatch our qualified and highly capable work force to work on vessels moored in Port Nelson

We have a large team of experienced engineers we can deploy to your site to perform a comprehensive diagnostics, maintenance and repair service during your scheduled shut-down periods.

Contact us   gm@diverseengineering.co.nz

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